David Morris Group Reno Homes Making Room for UNR Best Reno-Sparks Real Estate Broker

Reno Homes Making Room for UNR

David Morris Group Reno Homes Making Room for UNR Best Reno-Sparks Real Estate Broker

The Gateway District is a historic neighborhood in Reno and is bordered by Interstate 80, Ninth Street, Virginia Street, and Evans Avenue. This means that the Gateway District is close to the entrance of the University of Nevada, Reno’s campus and the perfect location for the university to set their sights for expansion.


UNR has already begun tearing down eight homes in the area as part of the plan to make room for academic buildings and a parking garage. For anyone driving down Center Street, metal fences and bulldozers can be seen in preparation for the project. One house has already been razed, and three more are scheduled to follow shortly.


Before 2019 is over, the demolition portion of the project should be completed, but the timeline could change depending on permit approvals. Center and Lake streets are rife with demolition currently and will be seeing a lot of construction in the next couple of months.


To keep the project moving, a design for a parking garage located in the University Gateway Precinct is underway. With student and faculty growth multiplying, there’s a large demand for more parking spaces close to the campus. The Gateway Precinct parking garage will add an additional 720 to 1,000 parking spots in a desirable location at the south end of campus. The current design shows the parking garage is an eight-story, 250,000 square-foot structure to be completed fall of 2021.


That’s not the only design that the university has been working on though. There are also specs for a new multi-story College of Business building located in the University Gateway Precinct underway. The building will house the Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship, the Nevada Small Business Development Center, the Dean’s office, and a Student Success Center, as well as auditoriums, classrooms, offices, specialty lab spaces, retail, and supporting functions. This project is a little farther off as it’s projected that construction won’t begin until the summer of 2021, with completion happening in the summer of 2023.


If you’re curious about what the university’s expansion could mean for your home’s value and your neighborhood, give our team a call! We’re happy to give you some insight into the real estate market, and should you be thinking of buying or selling a home, we’re always here to make the transition as stress-free as possible.


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