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Best Movies to Binge-Watch on Netflix

David Morris Group - Best Movies to Binge-Watch on Netflix - Best Reno Real Estate Team - Reno Activities

The endless scrolling through the list of movies available on Netflix can make it hard to choose which movie to put on next. While we’re all being advised to stay inside our Reno homes, now is the perfect time to work your way through some of the great movies available on Netflix. Below are some of our recommendations for comedies, family-friendly, and feel-good movies to watch.


Best Comedies:

  1. Step Brothers – Brennan’s mother and Dale’s father have gotten married and moved in with one another, forcing the two grown boys to live together and share a room.
  2. Wine Country – Six friends come together to celebrate a 50th birthday in Napa Valley. The trip will either bring them closer together or end their decades-long friendship.
  3. Hitch – Step into a dating coach’s life as he helps a client find love while stumbling his way through it as well.
  4. The Other Guys – Watch as two desk-bound NYPD detectives try to show their comrades they have what it takes to take on large cases and be in the field.


Best Family Watch-Together Movies:

  1. The Edge of Seventeen – This movie is all about the ups and downs of being a teenager. Listen to Nadine’s story and how she deals with living in her older brother’s shadow.
  2. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – Lara Jean’s love letters find their way to each of the boys she’s loved, and now she has to deal with the aftermath.
  3. Space Jam – An alien comes to Earth to steal the Looney Tunes, but in order to save themselves, they challenge the aliens to a basketball game and request the help of Michael Jordan.
  4. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation – The beloved monster family boards a summer cruise for a little relaxation, but they may run into trouble and love along the way.


Feel-Good Movies:

  1. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark – There’s no adventure that’s quite like Indiana Jones and his archeological searches. He may be an underdog, but never underestimate his quick wit and quicker whip.
  2. Hook – This Robin Williams classic brings a unique twist to the beloved Peter Pan story. Watch as Peter Pan returns to Neverland to save his family.
  3. Set it Up – Two underappreciated workers set up their bosses with one another in order to give them the free time they’ve been craving. Will it work, or will it all backfire in the end?
  4. National Treasure – Join Nicholas Cage and the rest of his treasure hunters as they steal the Declaration of Independence and search for answers left behind by the founding fathers.


We hope you’ve found some new movies to watch, and if you have any questions about how the current times have affected Reno and the Reno real estate market, contact David Morris Group at (775) 828-3292. We’re always here for you and happy to help in any way we can.


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