Do These Home Projects Now to Avoid Costly Repairs This Winter-David Morris Group-Reno Real Estate-Sparks Real Estate-homes in Reno-homes in Sparks-local real estate

Do These Home Projects Now to Avoid Costly Repairs This Winter

Do These Home Projects Now to Avoid Costly Repairs This Winter-David Morris Group-Reno Real Estate-Sparks Real Estate-homes in Reno-homes in Sparks-local real estate

Home improvement projects may not be the first thing on your to-do list this fall, but preparing your home for the chillier months ahead is essential.  Tackling a few chores while it’s still relatively warm will help make your home more efficient and more capable of withstanding whatever winter brings this year.  Do these home projects now to avoid costly repairs this winter.


Make sure the chimney is clean, clear, and in good shape. Small critters like squirrels and birds can sometimes reside in the chimney during the spring and summer months. Leaves and other materials can also get stuck inside, and a backup in the flue can cause a fire.  Despite the horror of a charred animal, any blockage will become a stinky mess in your home. Get ahead of any smoke or ash-related incidents by giving the whole set-up a good cleaning!


Fall will undoubtedly drop a ton of leaves into your gutters, so cleaning them out now is best to make room.  Take some time (or have a handyman climb that ladder) to check your home’s gutters for potential blockages. Cleaning them out will allow water to drain properly, preventing water damage down the line.  The cleaner your gutters are, the fewer high-cost repairs are in your future. 


This summer has been HOT! Sun exposure and general wear and tear can cause roof and siding materials to warp, chip, and more. Fixing them now will be much easier than when a leak is buried under several feet of snow in the thick of winter. 


Make sure your doors and windows are adequately sealed against the elements. Cracked, chipped, or damaged seals can cause you to lose heat and have higher energy bills. Weatherstripping, caulking, or other protective materials keep the heat in and the nasty weather out.  Also, ensure that doors and windows are properly attached to their frames, with no gaps or cracks.


Tackling these projects around your home now can help avert disaster later in the year.  Have a trusted home repair pro take care of these check-ups, and if any repairs are needed, you can start coordinating those before the first cold snap blows in.


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The Great Balloon Race-David Morris Group-Reno Real Estate-Sparks Real Estate-homes in Reno-homes in Sparks-local real estate market

The Great Reno Balloon Race

The Great Balloon Race-David Morris Group-Reno Real Estate-Sparks Real Estate-homes in Reno-homes in Sparks-local real estate market

Now in its 41st year, The Great Reno Balloon Race is the world’s largest hot-air ballooning event and one of Northern Nevada’s most sensational traditions. Held at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park in Reno, the Race will take flight from September 9th through the 11th this year, which is right around the corner! For four days, you’ll be able to look up into the Reno skies and see a rainbow of colored masterpieces soaring above.  


From its humble beginnings in 1981, the event started with a mere 20 balloons. Now with over 100 awe-inspiring balloons taking to the sky every September, the race has become a beloved community tradition. Children who attended the event in the early years now have children and grandchildren of their own that they bring to enjoy the festivities.   With an average of 130,000 spectators attending this four-day production, both young and old are enchanted by the fascinating sights and sounds of the magnificent balloons.  The number of lives touched by the delightful spectacle continues to rise just like the balloons themselves.

Super Glow Show

Spectators are invited to arrive as early as 5:00 am each morning with warm beverages and cozy blankets for the Super Glow Show just before the sun peeks above the horizon.  This stunning performance showcases 35+ balloons glowing and gleaming to music across the field.  

Dawn Patrol

Following the Super Glow Show, a handful of balloons qualified to fly in the dark take to the early morning sky.  The balloons glisten and twinkle as they pass through the darkened sky with choreographed music.

Mass Ascension

Mass Ascension starts at 7:00 am, and a dazzling display of over 100 balloons will begin to launch!  A select group of balloons will also kick off the competition portion of the great race! 

Tethered Rides

The RE/MAX balloon will provide tethered rides for children at approximately 7 am. These rides are available to the general public for a $5.00 donation to the Children’s Miracle NetworkOur team will be out on the field on Friday morning, and we would love for you to come and say hi!  


This family-friendly event brings a smile to every face in the valley, and we hope to see you out there!


There’s no shortage of things to do in Reno! Follow our blog, and contact the David Morris Group if you have questions about the Reno real estate market. Give us a call at (775) 828-3292. We’re happy to be your guide.



Things to Consider with a Cash Offer-David Morris Group-Reno Real Estate-Sparks Real Estate-homes in Reno-homes in Sparks-local real estate market

Things to Consider with a Cash Offer

Things to Consider with a Cash Offer-David Morris Group-Reno Real Estate-Sparks Real Estate-homes in Reno-homes in Sparks-local real estate market

In a competitive housing market, buyers are pulling out all the stops. You may have enough money to buy a house with cash. But is that a wise decision?  As with many major financial decisions, there are pros and cons. Here are things to consider with a cash offer.  

Savings & Interest Rates

Amortization is everything when considering financing over a cash purchase. Paying cash will save money on the overall cost of a new home in reference to the interest you’ll pay over the term of a loan.  By the time you finish paying off a mortgage, the house will have cost you more than the initial purchase price because of the interest.

Attention of Buyers

A cash offer will likely give you an advantage in a competitive market. It can make all the difference in a multiple offer situation where everyone else is financing the purchase. Sellers will be more likely to accept a cash offer than one with a financing contingency.  For example, a cash offer doesn’t require an appraisal on the property, so there is no risk of the deal going south.  

Closing Cost & Time

More closing costs are involved in financing a property than paying in cash.  For one, you won’t have to deal with a lender or their team of underwriters, and again, you won’t have to pay for an appraisal. The closing process typically takes around 30 days with financing, which can be shortened to as few as ten days with cash, which could be very attractive to sellers. 

Long-Term Opportunity Cost

While you will save money by not paying mortgage interest, putting all your assets into a home could yield less money to invest in other endeavors.  Tying up all of your liquidity on one asset could potentially cause you to miss out on a return that will be much larger over time. For example, while property typically accrues in value over time, it might not offer the same rate of return as investing in the stock market. One broker explained it best: “you could be making money with your money instead of locking it up in your home.” On the flip side, it’s a pretty great feeling to relax in a home that is 100% paid for rather than paying interest to big banks.  

Emergency Funds

While owning your home outright can provide peace of mind because you’ll never have to worry about a mortgage payment, you don’t want to have all your money tied up in your house. You must have enough cash to cover maintenance expenses and emergencies. Homes aren’t always what they seem when glistening on the market.  Once you begin to peel that onion, you’ll need enough liquidity to fix it up and make it yours.  


Paying cash for a home instead of financing all or part of it is a big decision and should be made with the help of a trusted financial advisor.  It is essential to consider all the above factors and ensure your short-term intentions align with your long-term goals.   


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David Morris Group - The Reality of Real Estate_ Market Update - Best Reno Real Estate Broker - Best Reno Realtor - Reno Homes - Reno Real Estate

Market Update


America’s housing market has undergone some wild swings over the last two years, but it appears to be settling down a bit.  According to®, the number of real estate listings rose by 18.7% this June compared with a year earlier.  That marks the second consecutive month of growth and the fastest rise in inventory since July 2017.  Of course, this new record growth has a long way to go before the nation’s housing inventory is back to its level before COVID, but it’s still a good sign.  


The recent numbers correlate with the recent hikes in mortgage rates.  Homes are beginning to remain on the market longer as buyers are being pushed out because they can no longer afford to buy.  However, new data released by Freddie Mac on June 30th shows a pause in the mortgage rate increase.  As a matter of fact, 30-year fixed rate mortgage rates have already begun dropping slightly.  “The rapid rise in mortgage rates has finally paused,” Sam Khater, chief economist at Freddie Mac, said in a press release, “largely due to the countervailing forces of high inflation and the increasing possibility of an economic recession.”  This pause will help the market rebalance itself and bring homes back to a more “normal” pace of appreciation.


What does that mean for sellers? List now or forever hold your peace! If you’re on the fence about getting your home on the market, now is a great time to get it sold. If you wait, you may have to settle for price reductions and more days on the market.


What does this mean for buyers?  Negotiations are back!  Sellers no longer have forty showings in one weekend, and concessions are back in play.  Buyers have more time to make the right decisions and more options from which to choose.


The market is excellent for buyers AND sellers right now, and we are here to help!  Contact the David Morris Group if you have questions about the Reno real estate market and surrounding areas.  We’re happy to guide you through the listing or buying process as the market shifts! Give us a call at (775) 828-3292.



The History of Father's Day-David Morris Group-Reno Real Estate-Reno Homes-Sparks Real Estate-Sparks Homes

History of Father’s Day

The History of Father's Day-David Morris Group-Reno Real Estate-Sparks Real Estate-Homes in Reno-Homes in Sparks

Father’s Day is this weekend.  It’s the official day to honor wonderful dads and father figures and celebrate the men who put in the work to make us feel protected and safe.  Have you ever been curious about the origins of this holiday?  Or do you need some new trivia to ‘wow’ your dad when you see him?  Here are a few fun facts about the history of Father’s Day.

First Recognition

The first event to celebrate fathers was on July 5, 1908, in Fairmont, West Virginia. A year before this celebration, a horrifying mining explosion occurred in a nearby town, known as the Monongah Mining Disaster.  It killed 362 miners, 250 of which were fathers.  A woman by the name of Grace Clayton encouraged her pastor to hold a service to honor the children who lost their fathers.  She chose that specific date because her father had passed away years prior, and July 5th was close to his birthday.  

While this was technically the first recognition of the paternal bond of fatherhood, it didn’t directly encourage the creation of Father’s Day. The town only promoted the memorial service in Fairmont, WV, which was overshadowed by July 4th celebrations.

Official Celebration

The idea of having a day to celebrate fathers was picked up again two years later by a woman from Spokane, Washington named Sonora Dodd.  Sonora and her five brothers and sisters were raised by their father after their mother passed away, and she felt that fathers deserved equal recognition as mothers.  She worked with her local church and YMCA to plan a day specifically to celebrate the men of the house.  As a result, an official “Father’s Day” was held at the Spokane YMCA on June 19, 1910.  Soon after, several cities and towns across the country followed suit. 

Presidential Recognition

In 1966 President Lyndon Johnson issued a presidential proclamation that fathers would be honored each year on the third Sunday in June.  President Richard Nixon signed the proclamation into law six years later and Father’s Day became recognized as a national holiday.


Today, as with Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Siblings Day, Yoga Day, and any other celebratory reason you can think of, retailers begin their promotions for profit months in advance.  The greeting card companies are pretty fond of the holiday as well.  

Global Celebrations

Great Britain was the first area abroad to begin the annual celebration of Dad.  It’s thought that they adopted the tradition right after WWII in 1945.


France was next to join in the celebration of le pére in 1949.  However, the idea of profit from the holiday spurred Father’s Day more so than the idea of celebrating dear old Dad.  As a matter of fact, a lighter manufacturer called Flaminaire brought the tradition to France with the slogan: “Nos papas nous l’ont dit, pour la fête des pères, ils désirent tous un Flaminaire” translated to say “Our fathers told us, for father’s day, they all want a Flaminaire.”  It wasn’t adopted as an official decree across the country until three years after the Flaminaire promotion.


Other countries recognizing Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June include Mexico, Ireland, France, Greece, China, and Japan.


Father’s Day is called Vatertag in Germany, or Männertag, which means “men’s day.” The German celebration of der Vater falls on the Thursday 40 days after Easter. It is traditional for groups of men to go into the woods with a wagon of booze and meats in certain regions.  Which is quite a bit different than spending the day being gifted with silly ties and handmade crafts, but to each his own!


No matter when it’s celebrated, what the traditions are, or what it’s called, the father figures in our lives deserve recognition for the role they embrace.  We wish all of the Pops out there a very Happy Father’s Day, and we hope you are appreciated for all that you do!

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Decoding Deceleration-David Morris Group-Realities of Real Estate-Sparks Real Estate-Reno Real Estate

Decoding Deceleration

Decoding Deceleration-David Morris Group-Reality of Real Estate-Reno Real Estate-Sparks Real EstateRecent news articles on have centered around the decline in housing prices. Economists agree that housing prices will continue to decline in particular regions over the next 12 months.  However, it’s essential to distinguish between a “price correction” and “deceleration.”   What we are seeing is a deceleration.  Deceleration means prices are rising at a more modest rate. It does not mean home values are dropping. Everything is still on an upward trajectory, just not as fast as we have seen over the past year.  


The U.S. housing market has slowed down slightly due to increased mortgage rates. Mortgage applications are showing a decline, and fewer listings are getting multiple offers as a result.  These factors are causing housing inventory levels to rise, which can be considered good news in several markets.  


Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi calls this a “trajectory flip.”  Meaning that demand is pulling back in the face of higher mortgage rates, but the housing market remains steady.  Prices may be going down, but not at an alarming rate, which means home valuations remain healthy. 


The memories of the 2008 crash are still painful. However, Zandi says this market shift’s circumstances are different from the 2008 housing crisis. While the spike in mortgage rates has priced some folks out of the market, most homeowners are financially better off than they were leading up to the 2008 debacle.  This shift is at the hands of the Federal Reserve rather than banks.  Meaning that if nationwide home prices do begin to plummet, the Fed has the ability to ease up on mortgage rates and correct the dive.  


Deceleration is not a bad word.  Our market is not going down. The market needs to cool so that inventory can stabilize. Multiple offers and bidding wars are not normal market conditions. Buyers and sellers need a team with the wisdom and experience to navigate any market under any circumstance! 


We are here for you, and we know what it takes to protect you in any market.  If you would like to talk more about the changing market and what it means for you, we’re happy to help.  Contact the David Morris Group or call us at (775) 828-3292, and we’ll guide you every step of the way.



The Murals of Reno-David Morris Group-Real Estate-reno homes-sparks homes

The Murals of Reno

Reno’s Downtown and Midtown Districts are home to more than 100 larger-than-life murals painted by local, national, and international artists. These murals add color and vibrance to Reno’s urban landscapes as they tell their stories. The art ranges from topics as serious as racism or as whimsical as flowers, either commissioned by a local business or simply the product of an artist’s inspiration. Some portray historical figures, old friends, departed companions, legends, or lost loves. New designs appear on brick, plaster, wood, and concrete surfaces, and sometimes murals that once were visible get surrounded by new buildings or become hidden. The transient nature of these murals matches that of Midtown, as it is always fluid and changing. 


The Murals of Reno-David Morris Group-Reno Lifestyle-Midtown District Reno

Just south of downtown Reno, the Midtown District is a less than five square-mile section of town that has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past decade. Rather than demolishing the old brick buildings and forgetting about this unused section in the city, an ambitious collection of artists and small business owners took over and created a neighborhood with an artisan approach. They turned the district into a unique cultural experience with top-tier shopping, dining, and a vibrant array of spectacular murals that other metro areas simply don’t have.  


It wasn’t until Geralda Miller and Eric Brooks that the Midtown murals became so well known. According to Eric, the murals of Midtown are considered to be the most extensive collection of public art per capita in the entire country. As Miller explains it, “Murals are a way for every man to see art. It’s that grassroots arts movement for those who may not want to go to a museum or an art gallery.”  

The Murals of Reno-David Morris Group-Reno Lifestyle-Midtown District Reno

Geralda and Eric founded Art Spot Reno to develop a way to showcase the city’s murals, and Eric began giving mural tours to friends for fun. Soon, folks started coming in from all directions to catch a glimpse of the art, so Geralda and Eric created the Midtown Mural Tour. The tour is now offered twice a month, and Eric continues to proudly guide visits through Midtown with his encyclopedic knowledge of the works and the artists. The mural tours have been organized into two distinct paths – the Midtown Mural Tour and the Downtown Reno Mural and Public Art Tour.

Midtown Murals

While many of Midtown’s murals are visible from main streets, several are tucked in alleyways and hidden in unlikely spots. Tours are taken at a leisurely pace over roughly two hours, and knowledgeable guides provide stories and insight that make the art even more enjoyable. Every month, the Midtown Mural Tour alternates between a north route and a south route, as there are too many pieces in just this neighborhood to be seen in a single afternoon.

Downtown Reno Mural and Public Art Tour

Like Midtown, the city center contains many murals from highly respected local, national and international artists. The murals are also done in various styles, including graffiti lettering, illustration, landscapes, and realism portraits. During Artown, an annual arts-themed festival, Circus Circus Reno holds a Mural Marathon Competition where qualifying artists paint an original 14-foot-high by 20-foot-wide mural on the side of the Hotel & Casino in just 24 hours.

The Murals of Reno-David Morris Group-Reno Lifestyle-Midtown District Reno


The murals throughout Reno truly celebrate creativity, and they evoke emotions within every person who views them. This open-air art is a visual language of the city, and to catch a glimpse of it – all you have to do is take a walk!

To stay up to date on what’s happening around Reno, follow our blog, and if you have questions about the Reno real estate market, contact the David Morris Group or give us a call at (775) 828-3292.  

We’re happy to be your guide to The Biggest Little City in the World!



Best Restaurants in Reno-David Morris Group-Real Estate-reno homes-sparks homes

Best Restaurants in Reno

Best Restaurants in Reno-David Morris Group-Real Estate-reno homes-sparks homes

From perfect steaks to fresh seafood to gourmet soups, Reno has a delicious dining scene.  With Mother’s Day on the horizon, here are a few of the best restaurants in Reno so you can treat the Family CEO to a lovely brunch or dinner!  

Atlantis Steakhouse

Experience the attention to detail and art of unsurpassed service at this award-winning fine dining steakhouse.  Set in a glitzy, casino-based setting, Atlantis Steakhouse is considered one of the best dinner spots in Reno.

Atlantis Sky Terrace Sushi & Oyster Bar

This sushi bar offers a selection of over 50 types of nigiri and maki sushi. The scenic Sky Terrace offers a unique dining experience under the sea! 

Bimini Steakhouse

This tropical-inspired steakhouse is located in the Peppermill resort and has quite the dining room!  With savory, wood-grilled meats, fresh, delicate fish, enticing small plates, and magnificent desserts to choose from, Bimini Steakhouse will not disappoint!  

Beaujolais Bistro

This charming French cafe celebrates authentic French cuisine and French-style cocktails and is one of the most popular restaurants in the Arts District of downtown Reno.

Fourk Kitchen

Experience the best lunch in Reno at Fourk Kitchen.  This formal four-course dining experience with a casual vibe serves a “prix-fixe” menu that changes with the seasons.

Great Full Gardens Cafe and Eatery

The Great Full Gardens Cafe & Eatery in MidTown Reno is a casual restaurant that serves items from local farms and its own greenhouse.  While their menu caters to vegan, gluten-free, and Paleo diets, there are plenty of delicious options for the whole family!  

The Grill At Quail Corners

The Grill at Quail Corners offers an upscale-casual vibe with a stunning view. This restaurant offers a bright atmosphere and courtyard seating to enjoy the surrounding landscape and mountains.

La Strada

Located at the Eldorado Resort Casino, La Strada was voted one of America’s top ten Italian restaurants.  

Laughing Planet Cafe

Laughing Planet Cafe brings healthful, organic, and sustainable food to the Midtown Reno area.  With a philosophy that one doesn’t have to sacrifice taste to eat healthily, this charming cafe is one of the coolest local restaurants.

Peg’s Glorified Ham n Eggs

This family-owned and operated diner serves up comforting American breakfast and lunch.  The charming restaurant offers some of the best egg dishes and sandwiches in Reno.

Squeeze In

The fun and eclectic vibe at Squeeze In is matched by its extensive menu and giant omelets prepared in various ways.  They specialize in breakfast and lunch and offer the best bloody marys and mimosas!

Toucan Charlie’s Buffet & Grille

Toucan Charlie’s Buffet offers a champagne brunch and a buffet like no other!  With eight live-action stations, including Sauté & Grille, Charcuterie, Far East fare, Pho, Seafood, Southwest, Specialty Salads, and Carving stations, you’d better bring your appetite!

Von Bismarck

With two patios and an outside grill, this modern family-style restaurant takes authenticity and tradition seriously with its German and Eastern European cuisine.

If you’d like to stay up to date on what’s happening around Reno, follow our blog, and if you have questions about the Reno real estate market, contact the David Morris Group. We’re happy to be your helpful guide. Give us a call at (775) 828-3292.



Reno Neon Line District and Workforce Housing-David Morris Group-Reno Nevada Real Estate-Reno Nevada Housing-Affordable Housing

Reno Neon Line District and Workforce Housing

Reno Neon Line District and Workforce Housing-David Morris Group-Reno Nevada Real Estate-Reno Nevada Housing-Affordable Housing

For years, West 4th Street has been falling to the wayside and begging to be fixed up. However, developer, owner, and operator of Jacobs Entertainment, Jeff Jacobs, has a bigger vision than just a renovation or two. Jeff Jacobs’ proposal of The Neon Line District in Downtown Reno is a dynamic, mixed-use entertainment district. This area will include the expansion, renovation, and rebranding of the Sands Regency Casino Hotel, world-class art – including sculptures formerly at the Burning Man festival, and an array of commercial, retail, plaza, green space, convention, and entertainment venues. The development has been in the works since 2019 and is likely the most extensive project Downtown Reno has seen in decades.


The newest buzz around this development is the offer Jeff Jacobs made to City Council to help address the city’s housing affordability crisis. He proposes building 1,000 new affordable workforce housing units but has asked the city to contribute to the deal. Jacobs said his company would contribute land valued at $15 million to the Reno Housing Authority for workforce housing to start about 850 units. He is asking the city to offer additional land for 1,000 affordable housing units. “The idea is teachers, clerks, employees in the casinos who want to live downtown, who work downtown,” said Jacobs. “This gives them an opportunity.” If this proposal works, it would be the most significant housing initiative this region has ever seen from the Reno Housing Authority.


Jeff hopes that when the Neon Line District is complete, it will have as many as 3,000 total housing units, but the City Council has either not made a decision or is not yet ready to announce what the decision may be. The Mayor is quoted as being “definitely interested in an affordable housing partnership.” The idea of having over 2,000 units of affordable housing for Reno’s downtown workforce is exciting and puts a whole new spin on the Mayor’s 1,000 Homes initiative!. 


The Reno retail market was hard hit overall by the pandemic, with lower-income workers at the top of the list. While retail demand has rebounded this year, the city could use a win. The Neon Line District might be exactly what Reno needs to revitalize downtown and turn this area back into a walkable destination with bustling businesses and busy sidewalks.



Photo of Neon Line District map (Courtesy: Jacobs Entertainment)



David Morris Group - A Closer Look at Reno and Nevada’s Growth - Reno Population Growth - Nevada Population Growth - Reno Growth 2021 - Reno Population 2021

A Closer Look at Reno and Nevada’s Growth

David Morris Group - A Closer Look at Reno and Nevada’s Growth - Reno Population Growth - Nevada Population Growth - Reno Growth 2021 - Reno Population 2021

There’s no doubt that Reno and the rest of the state have grown in population and diversity. It’s a fact that has only been highlighted more since the pandemic, where housing shortages were constantly covering the headlines. The U.S. Census Bureau has released information regarding how our population has changed in the last decade, and we’re here to help you take a look at Reno and Nevada’s growth.

What’s changed in the last ten years?

  1. Nevada has become more populous, with an added 404,000 residents.
  2. Nevada’s population grew to 3.1 million.
  3. The majority-minority state ranked as the United States’ third most ethnically diverse.
  4. The state’s 18 and older population grew by more than 18%.
  5. The state’s 18 and under population grew by 4%.
  6. Nevada’s urban counties grew more significantly than its rural counties.
  7. More than 95% of the population growth in Nevada occurred in Clark and Washoe counties.
  8. The Reno metro area grew 15.3%.
  9. Even with the slowed population growth experienced in the last decade, Nevada was still among one of the fastest-growing states.

Why is the U.S. Census data important?

Data received from the U.S. Census will be used to allocate funding, decide where to build roads and how to respond to natural disasters, and help reapportion and redraw legislative and congressional districts. These decisions have drastic effects on cities and states and will lead the decisions that are made for the benefit of residents for the next ten years.


If you’re curious about how Nevada’s population growth has changed over the last decade and the insights we’ve gathered from monitoring the market over the years, contact the David Morris Group. We’re happy to be your Reno resource, and if you’re hoping to buy or sell a home in the coming months, we’d be honored to help. Give us a call at (775) 828-3292.