3 Tips To Create The Perfect Backyard Space

From flaming fire pits to that perfectly paved pool, backyards are often a homeowner’s secret haven and greatest ambition. However, between types of materials, plants, furniture, and decor, there’s a lot more to creating an outdoor space than commonly thought. Choosing the design of your backyard can be an overwhelming choice. Let’s dive into some modern backyard features and aesthetics to help inspire your exciting new backyard!

Open and Airy

While the concept of bringing the comfortability of our homes to the outdoors is a perfect way to enhance your backyard space, remember to embrace the best elements of the outdoors as well. Choose open and airy features such as a stunning pergola and highlight your favorite flowering plants and landscaped shrubbery.

Contrast In Materials

In modern outdoor designs, you’ll often find hard textured materials that somehow feel soft and inviting. Designers will create contrast between soft materials like lush grass, flowering plants, and low-growing greenery with harsher textures such as stone, geometric patterns, and even concrete. This creates a pleasing and exciting design that will attract the eye.

Make A Statement

Whether you’re a color fanatic looking to add that bright pop of orange to the earthy tones of the outdoors or a friend of nature wanting to grab your visitors’ attention with the splash from a trickling waterfall, making a statement is key. Once you’ve established the colors, materials, textures, and overall design of your outdoor space, break it up and break the rules!


Get the backyard of your dreams with these tips and more. Contact The David Morris Group or follow our blog to learn everything about becoming a homeowner, living in Reno, and exciting real estate market updates!

Why You Should Consider A French Country Kitchen In 2023

Timeless, elegant, and family-oriented, French-style country kitchens are the perfect design for your home transformation in 2023. These kitchens are most often created with the family in mind, creating a functional and classically designed space to spend quality time together. Combining rustic and chic designs, French country kitchens are stunning additions to the household. Often organic materials like wood and stone are used in these designs to create a soft, natural kitchen, while many vintage and antique furniture pieces are used to add a unique flair.

As you consider French country kitchens for your home makeover this year, let’s take a look at some essential features of these classy designs.

Embrace Authenticity

The vintage features of many older homes may seem like an eyesore that requires a lot of initial upkeep, but these stunning pieces can add a lot of authenticity and charm to your kitchen! Before you consider removing that rustic fireplace or beautifully aged mantelpiece, consider how these vintage pieces can beautify the space and add their own unique allure to your home.

Natural Materials

French country kitchens truly exhibit the blend of rustic and chic, and what’s more rustic than the natural elements? Soft wood cabinets paired with stone countertops are a great way to lean into the French country style. Organic materials like these can add warmth and texture to the space, making your kitchen an exciting and dynamic place to be! Remember, natural elements often require certain cleaning supplies like oil to properly maintain them.

Budget-Friendly Transformations

Planning for a complete kitchen renovation can be a big investment, but that shouldn’t discourage you! Instead of an entire remodel, consider making a few, smart swaps and design changes that will shift the direction of your kitchen style. Find a colorful rug to decorate the room, invest in functional furniture, and try out unique shapes and sizes to break up the space!

French country kitchens are an elegant addition to any home! For more kitchen design ideas, contact the David Morris Group or find interesting homeowner insights on our blog

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Which Paint Colors Will Sell Your Home The Fastest?

First impressions are critical during the home-selling process, and the paint color of the walls can make or break a buyer’s decision. Surprisingly, even the type of finish can impact the buyer as they consider your property. Are you looking to make affordable improvements to your home that will not only help speed up the selling process but also raise the value of your home? Then take a look at these paint colors that will make a property catch the eye of any buyer!

An Earthy Kitchen

The age of all-white kitchens is out, and soft green is in. Sustainable living has dramatically risen in popularity over the years, making it no surprise that earthy tones and shades of green are trending in home design. While it’s important to avoid bold shades of the color, a pale green or sage is just the color to illuminate the space. Remember to let the bold aspects of a kitchen – the countertops and cabinets – tell the story of the space. An enchanting but delicate green can add to the composition while still allowing a potential buyer to envision their dream home. 

Dark And Dreamy

It may come as a surprise, but a dark wall color can do wonders for potential buyers. For some, a boldly accented wall in the living space is enough to add some personality. But for rooms that have little to no light or personality, embracing a darker hue can create a snug, comforting, and even intimate atmosphere. These darker colors are often best used in libraries, dens, office spaces, and some bedrooms.

A Pale And Peaceful Escape 

Ever since the spa trend has taken bathroom interior design by storm, the trend of the traditional white bathroom has gone. Buyers want luxury and interest in their bathrooms. Too much color, however, can detract from the peaceful escape that buyers desire. Delicate cool tones are perfect for the space, with the winning color being a pale blue that lightens a room and creates a tranquil feeling.


Now armed with this insight into the buyer’s mind, it will be that much easier to make easy and affordable improvements to your home, as simple as a splash of new paint in the kitchen! For more information on how to sell your home for the best price, contact The Davis Morris Group!


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Let It Snow In Reno – Fun Nevada Winter Activities

Its mountainous landscape and beautiful winter climate make the Reno-Tahoe area a dream destination for all. Did you know that Tahoe has an average of 300 days of sunshine every year? And that there are magnificent ski slopes just a short drive from downtown Reno? Whether you’re a ski enthusiast, a first-time snowboarder, or simply looking to enjoy some of Nevada’s snowiest spots, we’ve got you covered!

Premier Ski Resorts

The beauty of Reno’s exceptional ski resorts is that they’re built for all skill levels. From student-focused lessons to advanced backcountry trails, there’s no shortage of thrilling ski adventures this winter season. 

Stunning Views

As you ski through the Nevada countryside among towering Dogwood and Alder trees, snowy mountaintops, and majestic wintery creatures running alongside you, it’s hard not to stop and marvel at the land’s beauty. 


Here are some ski resorts in Nevada with the best views:


Royal Gorge XC – Enjoy over 9,000 acres of wilderness trails in the High Sierra at “North America’s largest cross-country ski resort.”

Heavenly Mountain Resort – Nothing compares to the angelic landscape, expansive trail network, and charming village nestled at the base of Heavenly Gondola. 

Homewood Mountain Resort – Nestled on the western edge of Lake Tahoe, this exceptional California resort showcases stunning views of the lake on every trail.

Family-Friendly Excursions

As we near the holiday season, spending quality time with family and friends grows near and dear to our hearts. 


Find some of the safest local ski spots below that the entire family will enjoy: 


Sugar Bowl – There’s nothing quite like experiencing your first snowfall with your family at one of the country’s oldest ski trails.

Soda Springs – Established in 1931, this beautiful Lake Tahoe resort offers beginner slopes for newbies and families alike.

Kirkwood Mountain Resort – Take your kids on a “Magic Carpet” ride at this unique ski destination with over 86 trails of beautiful, beginner-level adventures.

Explore stunning scenery, embark on a family snowboarding adventure, or best some of the most advanced slopes in the state with our list of Nevada’s best winter activities. Contact The David Morris Group with any questions to start your winter holiday off on the right foot…or should we say ski?

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Get Ahead Of The Holiday Shopping Season With These Unique Nevada Gifts

November is a wonderful time of year in Nevada, with dropping temperatures, a newly snow-covered horizon, and exciting seasonal events. But with the holidays right around the corner, it can be a daunting season of gift shopping for Nevadans. Luckily, there’s no shortage of local goodies, Nevada knickknacks, and unique gifts sprinkled throughout the state, just waiting for you to find them!

Hand-Crafted Gifts

When looking for that perfect gift, there’s nothing better than a beautiful hand-crafted gift. Show your loved ones how much you care with a one-of-a-kind gift from one of these local businesses:

Pretty Little Paper Co.

This unique craft store will send you home with the cutest hoodies, t-shirts, and stickers for your friends and family.

Neon Cactus Vintage

This stunning vintage store holds stunning stained glass suncatchers, earrings, necklaces, and more!

Meridian Press

Take Nevada home with you at the Meridian Press with beautiful, hand-painted prints of the Truckee River, Sand Harbor, and our stunning local nature.

Sweets And Treats

Reno Food Tours

Savor every last bite of Reno’s local culinary scene with this guiding tour. Explore six delicious tastings from local favorites as you learn the secrets of Reno’s culinary past.

Black Rabbit Mead Co.

With choices of cucumber mint, pineapple jalapeno, and strawberry oak, any delicious glass from this first-in-Nevada meadery will be a gift to remember!

Sierra Nevada Chocolate Co.

Enjoy over 40 flavors of hand-made chocolate, caramel apples, and more with this locally loved chocolate store. You can even gift an edible version of The Reno Arch!

The Radish Hotel

Looking to go green with this season’s collection of gifts? The Radish Hotel offers sustainable and environmentally friendly holiday baskets filled to the brim with tasty honey, jams, granola, and locally-sourced produce.

Pampering Gifts

With our steaming hot mineral-rich springs, Nevada is one of the best places to kick your feet up and embrace a self-care day.

Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center & Spa

Soak up a beautiful holiday getaway or even a staycation at Nevada’s oldest and most treasured spring resort. 

Sage House Soapworks

Locally made in Sparks, these gorgeous soaps will have you buying in bulk! These soaps boast shining colors woven into unique designs that smell like a dream.

Whether you’re getting ahead of the holidays or looking for a unique gift for that special someone, local Nevada businesses have you covered! Contact us if you’d like to learn more about what makes Nevada so wonderful during the holiday season!

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Best Hiking Trails in Reno to See the Fall Colors

Tis’ the season for fantastic fall views of the Reno-Tahoe area! With crisp orange leaves, crystal blue lakes, and snowy white mountaintops, the fall season never fails to bring a kaleidoscope of stunning colors. Whether you’re one of many visitors traveling from all over the country to enjoy the incredible sights Nevada has to offer or a local lover of nature, here are some of the most picturesque hikes in the area. Get your cameras ready!

Mayberry Park

Perfect for families, this beautiful park lies alongside the Truckee River, making for some incredible fall views. With paved trails and nature walks, Mayberry Park allows families a calming walk along the river.

Kings Canyon Waterfall Trail

For even more scenic trails, Carson City has plenty of sights to see. At the base of the Eastern Sierra mountains, the Kings Canyon Waterfall Trail has easily accessible trails that offer one-of-a-kind views. And don’t forget the year-round waterfalls that are nestled within Kings Canyon.

Galena Creek Trail

Bring your furry friends for a calm morning or afternoon stroll along the banks of Galena Creek! Inside the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, this trail is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Marlette Lake Trail

For the more avid and adventurous hikers, the Marlette Lake trail offers miles of beautiful golden aspen trees. While the trail is more challenging than most, hikers can break while listening to melodic birdsong and trickling streams.

Reno Riverwalk District

While the Riverwalk District differs from the normal idea of a “nature trail,” there are still plenty of unique fall colors to enjoy at one of America’s most memorable riverwalks. Take in the burnt oranges and golden hues of a Nevada fall while enjoying an elegant meal out at the famous Reno Riverwalk.

There’s nothing quite like fall in Nevada. So come join us to celebrate the stunning change of season, experience fall like never before, and maybe even learn how you can call this irresistible place your home. Contact The David Morris Group to find your dream Nevada home!

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Fun and Interesting Facts About Nevada and Nevada Day

There’s nothing more beautiful than Nevada in the fall, with crisp burnt orange leaves, crystal clear lakes, and stunning mountaintops. With its rich history and vibrant culture, Nevada is a beautiful place to visit and live. There is always something interesting to learn, a new exciting event around every corner, or one of Nevada’s iconic celebrations like the beloved Nevada Day. 

Fun Facts About Nevada

State bird: Mountain Bluebird

State flower: Sagebrush

State tree: Bristlecone Pine

State animal: Desert Bighorn Sheep

Highest point: Boundary Peak

Quirky Nevada Facts 

Nevada is most commonly known for its vast deserts, thrilling casinos, and bustling nightlife, but the Silver State holds much more than meets the eye. Here are some little-known facts that set Nevada apart.  

  • Las Vegas is home to over 150,000 hotel rooms, more than any other city in the United States
  • The Extraterrestrial Highway, otherwise known as State Route 375, is a famed highway running through Nevada, from Tonopah to Alamo. This 98-mile highway has been noted as a hub for UFO activity.
  • Nevada’s nickname “The Silver State” is due to its abundant gold production, actually marking it as the state with the largest gold production and fifth largest across the country.
  • Blue jeans were invented in Reno.
  • The oldest North American human mummy was discovered right in Nevada’s backyard.

Nevada Day

And, of course, we’d be remiss to discuss Nevada’s incredible culture and heritage without drawing attention to one of its most notable holidays – Nevada Day. Held annually on the last Friday of October, this holiday celebrates our unique and beloved state’s entry into the Union in 1864. While it has always been an important milestone to the state’s inhabitants, Nevada Day became an official state holiday in 1933 and has since become an incredible annual celebration among locals and visitors alike.

There truly is something special about this beautifully unique state. If you’re interested in calling this place your home, let us help! Contact The David Morris Group to find your dream Nevada home!

Back to School Safety Tips-David Morris Group-Reno Real Estate-Sparks Real Estate-homes in Reno-homes in Sparks-local real estate market

Back to School Safety Tips

Back to School Safety Tips-David Morris Group-Reno Real Estate-Sparks Real Estate-homes in Reno-homes in Sparks-local real estate market

Going back to school is an exciting time for children! They look forward to seeing their friends and possibly meeting new ones. It can also be a time of unforeseen dangers, however.  Here are some essential back-to-school safety tips.


Talk to your children about who is authorized to pick them up and never to accept a ride from a stranger (even if the stranger knows their name).  Some families have a code word that only they know, and if a stranger doesn’t know the family word, the child knows that person is not allowed to give them a ride.  Be sure your child knows your phone number and address by heart and who to call if they cannot get a hold of you. Be sure the school has up-to-date contact information for your household and a list of trusted adults authorized to pick them up from school.   

School Bus Safety

Talk to your child about exiting the bus and being on the lookout for passing cars. Most motorists are respectful of a stopped school bus, but there’s always one person not paying attention. Get to know the other parents of children who ride the bus. This will ensure that someone you know is looking out for your child when they get dropped off if you’re not there to pick them up immediately. Getting to know the school bus driver is also a good idea.

Walking Safety

Children should know to walk in a group if possible. This offers safety in two ways: it provides protection from someone who may wish to harm a single student, and a group of students will be more visible to drivers not paying attention.  Make sure your child knows traffic rules, how to cross at the crosswalks, and to always walk on the sidewalk or path.  If there are no sidewalks, teach your child to walk facing traffic as far to the left as possible so they can be aware of what is coming towards them.

Biking Safety

Before your child starts riding their bike to school, be sure to teach them the rules of the road while riding.  Some motorists won’t yield to bicycles, and one slight mishap could be catastrophic.  And, of course, helmets are non-negotiable. 


While our area is a fantastic place to live with beautiful homes and great schools, the world isn’t as safe as it once was.  Children need to know how to be aware of their surroundings and when something is ‘off.’ The more vigilant they are, the better off they will be!  


For more information about our community and homes available in the current market, contact the David Morris Group. Call us at (775) 828-3292, and we’ll be happy to help you begin your home search.


Most Popular Home Design Trends-David Morris Group-Reno Real Estate-Sparks Real Estate-homes in Reno-homes in Sparks-local real estate market

Most Popular Home Design Trends

Most Popular Home Design Trends-David Morris Group-Reno Real Estate-Sparks Real Estate-homes in Reno-homes in Sparks-local real estate market

The most popular home design trends help us understand society’s overall mood and provide new ideas on how we want to decorate our own homes. Here are the top trending colors, materials, and styles that homeowners are using.


There is a renewed interest in adding bright and bold colors to interiors, which is definitely a departure from the grey and beige of the past.   This is a sign that folks are feeling more adventurous and optimistic.  Bold colors and warm natural materials create a more interesting and welcoming space. This trend could be a post-pandemic effect; folks discovered that their space lacked uniqueness and style after being holed up in their homes for almost two years.   A renewed interest in authentic decor that is joyful and inviting and reflects their personality has led to a demand for folks to reinvent their interiors.  


Homeowners are ready for a more lively interior.  As a result, many interior designers have noticed a renewed interest in bold and unique wallpaper. It adds personality and style to a space that paint cannot accomplish alone.


Creating a home that feels like a haven from the stresses of daily life is still very important.   Folks want it to be a place to rest, relax and recharge.  As a result, homeowners have been moving more toward finishes that add softness, warmth, and texture to their rooms.


Green has been a repeated hue in trend talks over the past couple of years. But lately, designers say there’s an increased interest in sage green, from walls to kitchen cabinets.  Soft gray hues and wood-tone decor also bring a warm aesthetic into homes.

Natural Materials

Natural materials rarely go out of style, but they’ve spiked in popularity lately. These materials include the previously mentioned natural wood elements as well as various stone accents.  Folks are using materials that feel more established or handmade and more authentic to their space. 


Textural elements create inviting elements in a space. Texture awakens the senses and invites folks to reach out and touch while being at peace and relaxed. Items like wood, rattan, pottery, and metal, mixed with soft or smooth fabrics, create a visual feast for the eyes.


You may already have some of these items in your home that you’ve put away or long forgotten.  Perhaps it’s time to join in on some of these most popular home design trends and add some personal pizazz to your space!


If you’d like to stay up to date on what’s happening around Reno, follow our blog, and if you have questions about the Reno real estate market, contact the David Morris Group. We’re happy to be your guide. Give us a call at (775) 828-3292.



Lake Life-David Morris Group-Things to do around Lake Tahoe-living in Lake Tahoe-Lake Tahoe Real Estate-Lake Tahoe Realtors

Lake Life

Lake Life-David Morris Group-Things to do around Lake Tahoe-living in Lake Tahoe-Lake Tahoe Real Estate-Lake Tahoe Realtors

Our last blog covered ways to Beat the Summer Heat in Reno-Sparks, and we promised Lake Tahoe locations next.  Here are some of the best spots to explore and enjoy that Lake Life!


Whether you’re looking to swim or relax in the Sierra Sun, North Lake Tahoe beaches have something for everyone!  


Kings Beach is one of the best beaches on the North Shore. It offers pristine, smooth sand and a family-friendly recreational area. The water is shallow enough for kids to enjoy.  This site is also great for kayak, paddleboard, or jet skiing.  There are restaurants, shops, and places to rent gear surrounding the area. It’s a one-stop shop for all-day fun. 


Sand Harbor State Park is a popular spot along the east shore. The shoreline is a bit rugged, but it’s still one of the best beaches in North Lake Tahoe. Sand Harbor has picnic tables and a boat launch. There are kayak and paddleboard rentals. You’ll want to get to this beach early…the parking lot fills up fast!  


Hidden Beach is located just south of Incline Village near Tunnel Creek Road. This beach is an excellent spot for avoiding crowds. There is also limited parking here, but it’s a hidden gem for those who arrive early and make the trek in. All along the eastern shore, remote spots are lined with Tahoe’s iconic granite boulders and only accessible by way of a short hike. 


Chimney Beach is located about a mile from Highway 28 and is extremely popular during summer. Chimney Beach is dog-friendly and lined with rocks and deep water. 


Zephyr Cove is one of the larger beaches at Lake Tahoe. Because of its size, this beach is an excellent spot for families, there’s usually no problem finding a place on the beach, but parking can fill up early. Amenities at Zephyr Cove include a small bar and grill with restrooms and water equipment rentals. 


Nevada Beach is further south and close to the Nevada/California border.  Amenities include a day-use pavilion with a BBQ station, restrooms, kayak rentals, and food concession. This beach is one of the few beach campgrounds on the lake, and it allows pets on a leash in the campground.


Pope Beach is located on the South shore and is worth noting.  It’s lined by pine trees and great for swimming. 


Lester Beach  is located on the western shores of Lake Tahoe, also known as “Bliss Beach.”   This beautiful beach is situated in D. L. Bliss State Park and the northern portion of one of the deepest portions of Lake Tahoe, known as the Rubicon Wall. While there is no designated swim area for beachgoers, and boat traffic is typical, some shallow spots are gentle enough for kids to splash around.  There is limited parking, so visitors are advised to arrive early.


There are twenty public launch sites along Lake Tahoe’s shoreline. Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park, Zephyr Cove, Kings Beach, and D.L Bliss State Park are the best places for launch. It is imperative to ensure that your kayak is free of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) before launching into the Lake. There are four Tahoe Boat Inspection Stations in Alpine Meadows, Meyers, Spooner Summit, and Truckee that will decontaminate your kayak for free.  You can rent a kayak at Tahoe Paddle & Oar, Adrift Tahoe, Tahoe Paddle Sports, or Wild Society to ensure you use a contaminant-free kayak. 


The North Shore offers various launch areas. Kings Beach and Incline Village are more leisurely trips for beginners. And Sand Harbor and Zephyr Cove provide a nice route with plenty of locations to stop and rest.  


Intermediate paddlers can enjoy launching around D.L. Bliss State Park and Rubicon Point. These inlets provide gorgeous beaches and calm water. The southern route towards Emerald Bay is for more experienced kayakers; this route has an undeveloped shoreline, and the water may get choppy. 


More advanced kayakers can experience the Lake Tahoe Water Trail. This trail goes around the entire 72-mile-plus expanse of Lake Tahoe and is broken down into seven segments. 

SUP Spots

North Lake Tahoe has some of the best paddle boarding spots that offer stretches of shoreline only accessible from the water.  Kings Beach and Sand Harbor are ideal spots.  These areas provide coves cradled by rock formations, and the water is typically glassy and calm. Other places to paddle on the Lake include Fannette Island off Emerald Bay, D.L. Bliss State Park, Kiva Beach, Lester Beach, and Zephyr Cove.  Adventure seekers can rent paddle boards at the same shops that offer kayak rentals.  


Lake Tahoe offers miles of pristine coastline with many activities to enjoy.  Check the Lake Tahoe marine forecast before heading out for a fun day on the water, as conditions can change in the blink of an eye.  


To stay up to date on what’s happening in and around Reno, follow our blog, and if you have questions about the Reno-Sparks real estate market, contact the David Morris Group. We’re always happy to be your helpful guide. Give us a call at (775) 828-3292.