3 Tips To Create The Perfect Backyard Space

From flaming fire pits to that perfectly paved pool, backyards are often a homeowner’s secret haven and greatest ambition. However, between types of materials, plants, furniture, and decor, there’s a lot more to creating an outdoor space than commonly thought. Choosing the design of your backyard can be an overwhelming choice. Let’s dive into some modern backyard features and aesthetics to help inspire your exciting new backyard!

Open and Airy

While the concept of bringing the comfortability of our homes to the outdoors is a perfect way to enhance your backyard space, remember to embrace the best elements of the outdoors as well. Choose open and airy features such as a stunning pergola and highlight your favorite flowering plants and landscaped shrubbery.

Contrast In Materials

In modern outdoor designs, you’ll often find hard textured materials that somehow feel soft and inviting. Designers will create contrast between soft materials like lush grass, flowering plants, and low-growing greenery with harsher textures such as stone, geometric patterns, and even concrete. This creates a pleasing and exciting design that will attract the eye.

Make A Statement

Whether you’re a color fanatic looking to add that bright pop of orange to the earthy tones of the outdoors or a friend of nature wanting to grab your visitors’ attention with the splash from a trickling waterfall, making a statement is key. Once you’ve established the colors, materials, textures, and overall design of your outdoor space, break it up and break the rules!


Get the backyard of your dreams with these tips and more. Contact The David Morris Group or follow our blog to learn everything about becoming a homeowner, living in Reno, and exciting real estate market updates!

Unique Ways To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal And Property Value

Is 2023 the year for your home’s makeover? Whether you’re hoping to put your property on the market this year or simply looking for unique ways to increase the property value and curb appeal of your home, we have the ultimate homeowner guide for you. Let’s get started!

But First: Plan, Plan, Plan

While the financial planning and list-making often involved in a remodel are not the most fun a homeowner can have in the process, these steps are essential. Before rushing over to your local home and hardware store, make sure you have a solid plan that details how long each project will take, what each one will cost, and any other important details.

Look For Projects With A High ROI

Did you know that kitchen renovations often have the highest return on investment when it comes to home improvement projects? In fact, Zillow’s Seller’s Guide On Kitchen Remodels shows that a minor kitchen remodel can have an ROI as high as 81.1%, with more major remodels ranging from an ROI of 59% to 53.5%.

Start Small, Think Big

While it may seem like a complete bathroom makeover and kitchen remodel is the best way to increase the property value and overall appearance of your home, it’s financially important to start small. Consider repainting the bathroom, adding a stylish backsplash to the kitchen, and upgrading overhead lighting. These smaller changes can make a huge difference in the design and appeal of your property without costing you the big bucks.

For more information on improving your home’s curb appeal, contact The David Morris Group or follow our blog to stay up to date on local events, homeowner tips, and more!

Why You Should Consider A French Country Kitchen In 2023

Timeless, elegant, and family-oriented, French-style country kitchens are the perfect design for your home transformation in 2023. These kitchens are most often created with the family in mind, creating a functional and classically designed space to spend quality time together. Combining rustic and chic designs, French country kitchens are stunning additions to the household. Often organic materials like wood and stone are used in these designs to create a soft, natural kitchen, while many vintage and antique furniture pieces are used to add a unique flair.

As you consider French country kitchens for your home makeover this year, let’s take a look at some essential features of these classy designs.

Embrace Authenticity

The vintage features of many older homes may seem like an eyesore that requires a lot of initial upkeep, but these stunning pieces can add a lot of authenticity and charm to your kitchen! Before you consider removing that rustic fireplace or beautifully aged mantelpiece, consider how these vintage pieces can beautify the space and add their own unique allure to your home.

Natural Materials

French country kitchens truly exhibit the blend of rustic and chic, and what’s more rustic than the natural elements? Soft wood cabinets paired with stone countertops are a great way to lean into the French country style. Organic materials like these can add warmth and texture to the space, making your kitchen an exciting and dynamic place to be! Remember, natural elements often require certain cleaning supplies like oil to properly maintain them.

Budget-Friendly Transformations

Planning for a complete kitchen renovation can be a big investment, but that shouldn’t discourage you! Instead of an entire remodel, consider making a few, smart swaps and design changes that will shift the direction of your kitchen style. Find a colorful rug to decorate the room, invest in functional furniture, and try out unique shapes and sizes to break up the space!

French country kitchens are an elegant addition to any home! For more kitchen design ideas, contact the David Morris Group or find interesting homeowner insights on our blog

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Which Paint Colors Will Sell Your Home The Fastest?

First impressions are critical during the home-selling process, and the paint color of the walls can make or break a buyer’s decision. Surprisingly, even the type of finish can impact the buyer as they consider your property. Are you looking to make affordable improvements to your home that will not only help speed up the selling process but also raise the value of your home? Then take a look at these paint colors that will make a property catch the eye of any buyer!

An Earthy Kitchen

The age of all-white kitchens is out, and soft green is in. Sustainable living has dramatically risen in popularity over the years, making it no surprise that earthy tones and shades of green are trending in home design. While it’s important to avoid bold shades of the color, a pale green or sage is just the color to illuminate the space. Remember to let the bold aspects of a kitchen – the countertops and cabinets – tell the story of the space. An enchanting but delicate green can add to the composition while still allowing a potential buyer to envision their dream home. 

Dark And Dreamy

It may come as a surprise, but a dark wall color can do wonders for potential buyers. For some, a boldly accented wall in the living space is enough to add some personality. But for rooms that have little to no light or personality, embracing a darker hue can create a snug, comforting, and even intimate atmosphere. These darker colors are often best used in libraries, dens, office spaces, and some bedrooms.

A Pale And Peaceful Escape 

Ever since the spa trend has taken bathroom interior design by storm, the trend of the traditional white bathroom has gone. Buyers want luxury and interest in their bathrooms. Too much color, however, can detract from the peaceful escape that buyers desire. Delicate cool tones are perfect for the space, with the winning color being a pale blue that lightens a room and creates a tranquil feeling.


Now armed with this insight into the buyer’s mind, it will be that much easier to make easy and affordable improvements to your home, as simple as a splash of new paint in the kitchen! For more information on how to sell your home for the best price, contact The Davis Morris Group!


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Unique Bed And Breakfasts In Nevada You Can’t Miss In The Wintertime

Now that temperatures are dropping and it’s getting a bit frosty in Reno, the idea of curling up by a warm fire with a cozy cup of hot cocoa sounds nothing short of perfection. And sometimes, the perfect winter vacation can be right in our own backyards. Check out these charming Nevada bed-and-breakfasts that are only a short drive away!


Deer Run Ranch Bed & Breakfast, Carson City

Soak up stunning views of snowy Sierra Nevada mountains at this precious bed and breakfast just outside Carson City. Cradled by the magnificent Washoe Lake State Park, Deer Run Ranch Bed & Breakfast offers a breath of fresh air for its visitors. This bed and breakfast also is home to an alfalfa and hay ranch! Learn more about Deer Run Ranch here.


The White House Inn, Genoa

A slightly further distance away from the bustling city of Reno is a hidden town nestled under a blanket of greenery, trees, and cobblestone streets. Genoa is the oldest town in Nevada and thus holds the most history in the state. With aged Victorian architecture and Western sensibilities, The White House Inn is a spectacular place to call home for the winter. Learn more about this unique property here.


Cobb Mansion Bed & Breakfast, Virginia City

Elegance and luxury are well-known concepts at the Cobb Mansion Bed & Breakfast, with its six refined guest rooms and private paths. Dating back to 1875, this 3-story Victorian mansion was restored and is decorated with stunning features and furnishings from the time period. Learn more about this regal boutique in Virginia City here.


Edith Palmer’s Country Inn, Virginia City

Enjoy a trip back to the 1860s by staying at this historic inn burrowed near the canyons and surrounded by majestic gardens. This vast bed and breakfast spans across four buildings – Edith Palmer’s Country Inn, Storey House, Silver Street House, and Cider Factory Restaurant. Edith Palmer’s Country Inn is famous for opening its doors to Marilyn Monroe during her film “The Misfit.” Learn more about this elegant inn here.

The winter is truly a magical time of year to live and visit Nevada. Whether you call this town your home, or are recognized as a Reno regular, consider these unforgettable Nevada inns for your winter getaways this year! Contact The Davis Morris Group for more hidden Nevada gems.

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The Magic Of Nevada’s Holiday Light Displays

This year, make your season bright by visiting some of Nevada’s truly magical holiday light displays! Here are some of our favorites:


Lights of Tanea

Now through December 25th, 2022

These impressive lights are more than they appear. Throughout the week, this display will become a spectacular Christmas light show synchronized with festive music. So set your radios to 106.1 FM and head over to South Reno for the ultimate holiday light show!


The Elf House

Now through December 31st, 2022

A highly popular Nevada destination during the holidays, The Elf House (otherwise known as The Alvarado House) takes holiday decorations and lights to a whole new level. Visitors can come every day from 5pm to 11pm to watch the lights in awe!


The Electric Holiday Train O’ Lights

Now through December 31st, 2022 (limited tickets)

This truly magical experience has families from all over the state come for their chance to ride the Holiday Train O’ Lights. Traveling down a 150-year-old rail line, visitors can enjoy the stunning Virginia City landscape that has transformed into a winter wonderland.


40th Annual Hidden Valley Parade of Lights

Now through January 1st, 2023

Beginning in early December, right as the season officially shifts to winter, Hidden Valley joins together for its annual Parade of Lights. This cherished tradition is a long-standing one and is beloved by the community. While the light contest commenced on December 10th, displays will be up through the New Year, so come on out and take your guesses of the winners!


Let It Glow, Reno

Now through January 8th, 2023

While this thrilling event might not be a drive-thru light display in a favorite neighborhood, it is a holiday necessity that we can’t wait to enjoy each year! Join the Reno community for its annual celebration of the holidays by filling the beautifully lit streets of the local business districts. Sip your favorite warm drink, shop for holiday gifts, and vote on the best and brightest storefronts.


Did you see one of your favorite displays on our list? Reach out and let us know your favorite holiday destinations in Nevada!

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Home Improvement And Design Trends For 2023

As we near the end of the year, talk of home improvement projects is skyrocketing. Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to jump on 2023 home design trends or an interested buyer searching for a renovated property to invest in, there are certain home upgrades every buyer, seller, and current homeowner should consider going into the new year.

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Allot A Distinct Space To The Kitchen

One of the biggest trends of the new year lies in the home’s heartiest room. In 2023, interior design experts are looking at the kitchen to become an expression of a homeowner’s personality and style. No longer are kitchens primarily focused on utilitarian functionality but instead on wellness and creative expression. Homeowners should consider warm neutral colors, earth tones, textured woods, and matte finishes as they plan their upcoming kitchen upgrades. Hosting has also become a huge trend, with attention being drawn to kitchen islands and home bars.

Relaxation And Rejuvenation In The Bathroom

Pristine, white bathrooms are staying behind in 2022 as homeowners instead look ahead to a burst of color in the new year. Nature-inspired themes have become especially popular in upcoming bathroom trends. Consider tactile stone and wood textures, leafy green hues, and a calming atmosphere to accent these themes. Spa-like bathrooms have also jumped to the forefront of design trends, with homeowners adding monochromatic metallic gradients and color light displays in showers.

A Comforting Blend Of Indoors And Outdoors

The pandemic initially ignited the trend of mixing indoor and outdoor spaces. Many homeowners itched to bring the comfort of the indoors to their outdoor areas and integrated natural outside elements into their home spaces. Homeowners can blur these lines with large-scale windows, double doors, natural light, large patios, and oversized plush patio furniture.


Consider these 2023 home design trends as you make your new year’s resolutions! And, as always, contact The David Morris Group for more homeowner tips.


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The Best Spots In Reno For Holiday Shopping And Christmas Gifts

Whether you’re knee-deep in holiday shopping or searching for the perfectly unique Christmas gift, there’s plenty of untapped local shopping opportunities right here in Reno! From vintage boutiques to local craft fairs to specialty holiday stores, the city is brimming with holiday shopping options this year.

Discover the ultimate list of Reno’s best holiday shopping destinations below.


Natural Selection

39 St Lawrence Ave, Reno, NV 89509

If your friends, family, and neighbors are lovers of the natural world, look no further than Natural Selection! This unique store celebrates the outdoors like never seen before. So head over and enjoy this curated selection of rare plants, vintage natural elements, and hand-selected oddities. Read more about Natural Selection.


The Lark

538 W Plumb Ln Ste.C, Reno, NV 89509

Locally owned and operated, The Lark is beloved in Reno for its unique gifts ranging from hand-picked home decor to your favorite pair of sunglasses. Read more about The Lark.


The Buy Nevada First Gift Shop & Visitors Center

4001 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502

Arts, crafts, specialty foods – Oh My! The Buy Nevada First Gift Shop & Visitors Center features items from over 200 local vendors and is one of Reno’s most popular spots for local gifts. Read more about The Buy Nevada First Gift Shop & Visitors Center.


GJ Rhodes Gift & Home

35 Foothill Rd #1, Reno, NV 89511

Find rare home decor gifts at this local specialty store! With great prices, quality products, and an overall great aesthetic and eye for home decor, home goods, and unique pieces, this Reno shop is the place to be this holiday season.

Read more about GJ Rhodes Gift & Home.

Shop local this season and support your favorite businesses in your community while enjoying a selection of unique, hand-crafted, and authentically Nevada gifts. Contact The David Morris Group if you’d like more tips for the holiday season.

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Let It Snow In Reno – Fun Nevada Winter Activities

Its mountainous landscape and beautiful winter climate make the Reno-Tahoe area a dream destination for all. Did you know that Tahoe has an average of 300 days of sunshine every year? And that there are magnificent ski slopes just a short drive from downtown Reno? Whether you’re a ski enthusiast, a first-time snowboarder, or simply looking to enjoy some of Nevada’s snowiest spots, we’ve got you covered!

Premier Ski Resorts

The beauty of Reno’s exceptional ski resorts is that they’re built for all skill levels. From student-focused lessons to advanced backcountry trails, there’s no shortage of thrilling ski adventures this winter season. 

Stunning Views

As you ski through the Nevada countryside among towering Dogwood and Alder trees, snowy mountaintops, and majestic wintery creatures running alongside you, it’s hard not to stop and marvel at the land’s beauty. 


Here are some ski resorts in Nevada with the best views:


Royal Gorge XC – Enjoy over 9,000 acres of wilderness trails in the High Sierra at “North America’s largest cross-country ski resort.”

Heavenly Mountain Resort – Nothing compares to the angelic landscape, expansive trail network, and charming village nestled at the base of Heavenly Gondola. 

Homewood Mountain Resort – Nestled on the western edge of Lake Tahoe, this exceptional California resort showcases stunning views of the lake on every trail.

Family-Friendly Excursions

As we near the holiday season, spending quality time with family and friends grows near and dear to our hearts. 


Find some of the safest local ski spots below that the entire family will enjoy: 


Sugar Bowl – There’s nothing quite like experiencing your first snowfall with your family at one of the country’s oldest ski trails.

Soda Springs – Established in 1931, this beautiful Lake Tahoe resort offers beginner slopes for newbies and families alike.

Kirkwood Mountain Resort – Take your kids on a “Magic Carpet” ride at this unique ski destination with over 86 trails of beautiful, beginner-level adventures.

Explore stunning scenery, embark on a family snowboarding adventure, or best some of the most advanced slopes in the state with our list of Nevada’s best winter activities. Contact The David Morris Group with any questions to start your winter holiday off on the right foot…or should we say ski?

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Find Your Holiday Cheer In Downtown Reno

From thrilling winter adventures throughout Nevada, festive culinary delights around every corner, and the warmest winter fun you can have, there’s plenty of fun to explore in Reno this winter season!

Outdoorsy Winter Fun

Does the cold weather kickstart your active lifestyle? Then head over to Basecamp Climbing Gym to try your hand at the tallest artificial climbing wall in the world. Enjoy our stunning snowy landscape at the Reno Arch or stroll down The Riverwalk for a glimpse of what makes our biggest little city so grand.


Of course, we’d be remiss, not to mention Reno’s greatest winter adventure – skiing. There’s no shortage of exciting slopes for all skill levels, so grab your skis, sleds, and snowshoes!

A Foodie Haven

Are you itching to taste festive baked goods, hearty Reno staples, and unique creations from the local culinary scene? We’ve got your taste buds covered this holiday season!


Warm up after a brisk outdoor adventure with a delicious French Onion soup from Wild River Grille or a homemade special from Süp in Midtown! 


In the mood for an energy boost? Try a toasty cup of hot chocolate at Old World Coffee or take in the sights of Truckee River while enjoying a Hub Coffee Roasters original. 

Turn The Heat Up

Enjoy Reno’s winter wonderland…while keeping warm in one of the city’s finest resort hot tubs or natural hot springs! After a wintery adventure trekking through the snow, skiing down mountaintops, and sledding throughout the city, nothing sounds better than soaking up the heat in a hot spring. Fortunately, there’s no end to Reno’s supply of hot springs and hot tubs. 

Curious about what else Reno has to offer you this winter? Follow our blog to stay up to date on local adventures, exclusive events, and expert homeowner insights. And if you have any questions concerning the Reno-Sparks real estate market, contact the David Morris Group!