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Plan Your Nevada Road Trip

David Morris Group - Plan Your Nevada Road Trip - Best Reno Real Estate Team - Reno Homes - Reno Real Estate

While we’re all stuck indoors, many are dreaming about leaving their Reno homes and traveling across the state. Nevada has beautiful state parks, wonderful attractions, and the best destinations for any solo traveler or family adventure. While you have the time, take the opportunity to plan your Nevada road trip.

Liberty Lake

Located in the Ruby Mountains of Elko County, you’ll be amazed at the views. It offers great trails to hike with beautiful wildflowers blooming in the summer.

Great Basin National Park

The Ancient Bristlecone Pines are some of the oldest trees on the planet. They’ve survived over 5,000 years in thin air, rough soil, and extreme temperature changes.

Black Rock Desert

The Black Rock Desert is known for being the destination of Burning Man year after year, but it’s also one of the largest, flattest surfaces on Earth, covering approximately 200 square miles. When you stand on the playa, you can take in the 360-degree views that you can’t experience anywhere else.

Fly Geyser

Just two hours north of Reno lies the Fly Geyser on Fly Ranch. Three large mounds just over six feet tall and growing several inches each year spew scalding hot water about four or five feet into the air. It’s a sight that looks photoshopped in every picture ever taken of the formation.

Rhyolite Ghost Town

Rhyolite houses the ruins of 1905 gold-mining town, Hollywood movie set, and now a historic site with art installations. There are all kinds of art strewn around the town, and we recommend checking out Tom Kelly’s bottle house – it was built with thousands of medicine, beer, and whiskey bottles.

The International Car Forest

Walk amongst a forest of carefully balanced cars turned into a free, one-of-a-kind gallery of masterful art.

Garnet Hill

This free public recreation area is known for its dark red garnets naturally occurring in the hillsides surrounding Ely. The little gemstones make great souvenirs from your road trip.

The Lost City Museum

The Lost City Museum is a museum with exhibits centered around artifacts recovered from local prehistoric archaeological sites. You can also peer into an authentic pit house or view a reconstructed pueblo cluster.


Whether you’re looking to travel across Nevada for an epic road trip or you need help discovering what Reno neighborhood to move to, the David Morris Group is happy to be your guide. Give us a call at (775) 828-3292 for any questions.



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