David Morris Group - Relocation Guide Reno Revitalization and How Business is Booming - Reno Relocation Guide - Reno Revitalization - Relocating to Reno - Moving to Reno

Relocation Guide: Reno Revitalization and How Business is Booming

David Morris Group - Relocation Guide Reno Revitalization and How Business is Booming - Reno Relocation Guide - Reno Revitalization - Relocating to Reno - Moving to Reno

Across Northern Nevada, there has been a rebound and a rebirth. Retailers are coming back, and the City of Reno is focusing on new economic developments that move away from the gaming industry, which has been rooted in the city’s history for decades. Let’s take a look at the Reno revitalization and how business is booming across the area.

Retailers are Bouncing Back

The pandemic caused a lot of restrictions and strains on businesses across the world, and Reno was no different, but in the third quarter of 2021, we’ve seen some massive improvements to how the city and its residents are adjusting. According to Nevada’s Department of Taxation, Washoe County’s taxable sales for July totaled more than $1 billion, a 23% increase from July 2020. Taxable sales for June also showed a 30% increase year-over-year at $1.16 billion.


With the influx of relocators from California, bringing their existing businesses or creating a franchise location, business is expanding, and retailers are seeing amazing sales volumes. In fact, commercial vacancies are below the already low values seen before the pandemic hit.

Good News for Retail Centers

The Reno and Sparks area has been undergoing a lot of revitalization and change over the last few years. The pandemic had put a pause on some of the construction projects as many weren’t sure how Reno would bounce back, but with the increase in retail sales and vacancies, there’s a renewed vigor for projects like The Oddie District in Sparks, as well as the Reno Public Market and the retail component of the Reno Experience District.

Reno Continues to Revitalize the City

The wave of retailer growth isn’t the only change you can expect from the City of Reno. The recent closure of Harrah’s after over 80 years in Reno was a big push for the city to broaden its economy and move away from the gaming industry. The hotel-casino is being converted into the Reno City Center, a mixed-use development with one and two-bedroom residential units, commercial office space, restaurants, and retail space.


City leaders are hoping to use the excitement for the city center to push more developments that would transform the gaming destination downtown Reno is into a place full of affordable living spaces, vibrant restaurants, stylish hotel rooms, and exciting entertainment options.


Partnered with EDAWN’s efforts on bringing technology companies, manufacturing businesses, and non-gaming industries into the region, the city is making marked improvements to reduce its reliance on casinos and the gaming industry as a whole.


Every year Reno evolves and finds new opportunities to promote growth and change. Reno’s ability to bounce back and accept innovation makes us excited to see what 2022 has in store. ​​​​If you have questions about moving or what it’s like relocating to the Reno-Sparks community, contact the David Morris Group. We’re always happy to share our knowledge of the area and the real estate market!