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Reno Loves Local

David Morris Group - Reno Loves Local - Support Reno Businesses - Reno Small Businesses - Shop Local Reno

Reno has always been a community that bands together in tough times and finds new ways to help one another. With that spirit in mind, several organizations and agencies around the area have come up with the “Reno Loves Local” movement.


The idea behind the movement is to encourage citizens to shop local and do what they can to support small businesses. There’s even a Reno Local Pledge that residents can take to “visit at least one Reno business each week,” as their budget allows. The hope is that everyone will think about local businesses and making buying decisions that support the local economy before thinking about big brand stores.


For those that are not financially able to make a purchase from local businesses, there are other ways to help! The Reno Loves Local Instagram page outlines other ways to help your favorite small businesses, including: writing a review on any of their platforms (Yelp, Facebook, Google My Business, TripAdvisor), signing up for their email newsletter, and following the businesses on social media and showing them a little love.


The list doesn’t stop there. Reno Loves Local is also asking community members to write a Reno love letter in order to help the businesses win life-changing prizes and giveaways. Two businesses with the most love letters written about them will win a business development package, and $1,000 in gift cards will be purchased from the business and donated to local heroes.


Some of the local businesses that have been featured include:

For more information on the Reno Loves Local movement, check out the news story they were featured in here, and follow their journey on Instagram. Take the pledge, do what you can to help your favorite local businesses, and discover new businesses.


Reno will always overcome trying times and find new ways to thrive — it’s what we love about calling the Biggest Little City home. If there’s anything we can do for you, or if you simply have questions about the Reno real estate market, contact the David Morris Group at (775) 828-3292.