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Best Burger Spots in Reno

David Morris Group - Best Burger Spots in Reno - Best Reno Real Estate Team - Reno Homes - Reno Real Estate

Summer is just around the corner, and as the designated season for cookouts, BBQ, and backyard hangouts, it’s only fair to know where you can find the best burgers around town. Let’s be honest, there will be days where you don’t feel like grilling, or you forget about what you’re grilling and can’t serve the charcoal ribs and hot dogs to your family – you know who you are – so have these burger spots in Reno in the back of your mind this summer.

Juicy’s Giant Hamburgers

If you’re a fan of the classics and like to know where you can get an old-fashioned, delicious burger, Juicy’s Giant Hamburgers never disappoints. They have placed in one or more “Best of” contests almost every year since they opened in 1982. Check out their S. Wells and S. McCarran locations.


Beefy’s menu is iconic, and they’re known for more than just their amazing burgers. With locally sourced ingredients and inventive creations, Beefy’s is a must-try. Don’t believe us? Just check out The Moo, The Cluck, and The Oink or the Famous Chili Cheese Omelette.

Lucky Beaver

Lucky Beaver has been a fan favorite for great burgers and cocktails since they got their start nearly a decade ago. Their burger patties are made from chuck roast and short rib and cooked on their custom grill, making them famous and unlike anything else you’ve tried before. Everything about the Lucky Beaver’s menu is one-of-a-kind.

The Little Nugget Diner

No burger list would be complete without the diner that made the Awful Awful Burger a Reno staple. You’ll find a lot of imitation Awful Awfuls in the city, but why not check out the restaurant that made it famous?


Spend this summer enjoying great Reno burgers, having backyard BBQs, and enjoying the neighborhood you’re a part of. If you’re thinking about moving to a new community before the summer season starts, contact the David Morris Group at (775) 828-3292. We have some great real estate resources for you to use, and we’re always offering helpful information on our blog.



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